“The work of Céline Mathieu is an exploration of the aura of objects lost, found, and (ready)made. Through precise arrangements of sourced objects, Mathieu attempts to access the mind and the self through the material world. While some sculptural ensembles appear to be estranged manifestations of their former selves, other works result from sessions spent modeling plasticine whilst under hypnosis. Here, writing and assembling are physical exorcisms of mind’s titillating or troubled matters.
The work of Céline Mathieu is also an active exploration of the eternal struggle between making and thinking. Should matter triumph over mind, or is it all just a matter of thought?”

— Samuel Saelemakers (curator at Witte De With, for the exhibition ‘We’re This And We’re That, Aren’t We?’ at Extra City, Antwerp, 2018)

Selection of recent texts on art:

1. 'The encounter of pending thoughts and porous bodies' (ENG/NL), Tubelight magazine, on the work of Ben Cain and Jort van der Laan in residency at Kunsthuis SYB and King's College London

2. 'Ik Interstitium, Jij Interstitiumt' (NL), Triënnale Beetsterzwaag curated by Nikolaas Lekkerkerk and Julia Geerlings, on the work of Jason Hendrik Hansma, Müge Yilmaz and Toon Fibbe and Laura Wiedijk.

3. 'P R I T T' (NL), FORMAT, monthly H ART magazine series by Céline Mathieu, on the collage and precision in the work of Eva Vermeiren.

4. 'I’ve woven a lot of threads into this talk, haven’t I?', FORMAT, monthly H ART magazine series by Céline Mathieu, on the end of trampoline gallery, Simon Delobel and the work of Jean Katambayi Mukendi.

Other artistic/curatorial practices she has written about include that of: Sarah Jane Hoffmann, Aljaz Celarc, Tom Poelmans, Nadia Naveau, Michele Matyn, Nick Andrews, Bart Stolle, Karina Beumer, Geoffrey de Beer, Ruth Van Haren Noman, Remi Tamburini, Thomas Caron, Thomas Min, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Eva Donckers, Jeroen Bocken, Margarita Maximova, Stef Van Looveren, Illias Teirlinck, Rein De Wilde, Catherine Lemblé, Eva Donckers, Aurélie Bayad, Alison Yip, Rosie Heinrich among others.

Prose / autonomous pieces:

5. 'S Deeper', published on Statorec.org — American website for young fiction

6. 'Graphology', printed and published as part of An Ongena '148 days of printing' at Jan van Eyck Academie


Céline Mathieu performs her own work with CMMC, and performed pieces for and by other artists: Julian Hetzel / Schuldfabrik, Human Soap at CAMPO Ghent, Chantal Yzermans at De Grote Post Ostend, Haseeb Ahmed at Institute for Aerodynamics, Karina Beumer at Art Rotterdam and Base Alpha Gallery, Daniel Linehan Vita Activa at De Singel Antwerp, Hans Theys at De Singel Antwerp, Jonathan De Winter at AIR Antwerp and for Ulrike Quade Company as dancer performer and puppeteer in Finland, Czech Republic, Colombia, China, Chile, France, The Netherlands, ...

Céline Mathieu investigates minds, selves and 21st-century artefacts that take the shape of prose, objects, performances and essays. In the last year she has exhibited at AIR Antwerpen and Extra City in Antwerp, and at Home Session in Barcelona. She will be part of the upcoming public programme of Bar Project at La Virreina.

Her essays, prose, and texts on art were recently published by ‘The Yellowpress Periodical’ of St Lucas Antwerp, Tubelight magazine #107, VICE, a.o. Since 2019 Céline has contributed to H ART magazine with a monthly FORMAT.

She is a participant of the writing program of Kunsthuis SYB and part of residency programs Bar Tool Barcelona (2019) and STRTkit Antwerp (2018). In 2019 Céline will be supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschap.

Her performance duo CMMC is a collaboration with Myrthe Christianne van der Mark. Together they make choreographed collages of gestures, text fragments and diverging references, that all together make up performances that last from 20 minutes up to 12 hours. Often using synchronization, the duo mixes crying with mysticism and self-invented songs with stretchable fake tongues. CMMC performed at Trampoline gallery (/’haɪə en (nʊ)/, 2018), invited by Castlefield Gallery (Manchester, Performance Program, 2017), at off-fairs Poppositions (Brussels, 2015 & 2016), P/ART (Hamburg, 2015), Wo Meine Sonne Scheint (Rotterdam, 2014).

With graphic designer Christophe Clarijs she co-founded Fellow Beings, an independent imprint focusing on the design and editing of artist publications, editions and exhibition printed matter. They work for the poets-in-residence at Jan van Eyck Academie and recently became graphic designers as part of the editorial team of Tubelight, magazine for young art criticism in the Netherlands.

Website design by Fellow Beings (Christophe Clarijs & Céline Mathieu). Photo documentation of works at Extra City by Chloë Delanghe.