In various media, Céline Mathieu mingles linguistic and bodily sensibilities with an element of play. Often executed in temporary solid materials (from performance to plasticine sculptures and printed matter), she is interested in what can not quite be pinpointed. Fluid modes of production (hypnosis), appropriations from what could be categorised as “light medicine”, the work is at once conceptual and sensory. Changing states of being and a feeling of 'falling away' wire through all the pieces. The context in which the work is shown strongly directs her practice, which is emphasised by the way elements of display and textual components of the exhibition are incorporated as cohesive parts of the work.

Céline Mathieu has presented her work at Kunsthal Extra City Antwerp, Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, Gr_und Berlin, Lebensmittel Berlin, Corridor Amsterdam, Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, CLAPTRAP Antwerp, MuZee Ostend, Antwerp Art Weekend, New York Fashion Week, Vooruit Gent (Self Luminous Society), La Virreina Barcelona, AAIR.
She was part of artist programmes at Lios Labs (2022), AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz (with CMMC, 2021) Rupert (2020), Kunsthuis SYB, AAIR (2018) and BAR Barcelona (2019), after finishing her Advanced Master in Research in Art and Design. In 2022, she will start a research at The Royal Antwerp Academy, titled 'Conditions for Raw Materials'.

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Sound and scent, often in combination have become a crucial part of the practice. Music by Levi Lanser, voice text and edits by Céline Mathieu. Listen by clicking the titles below.

Silk Scarf



To The Subject


In collaboration with Myrthe van der Mark, her artist duo CMMC performs rapidly altering emotions, text and long stretches of synchronised gestures. Over the seven years of their collaboration the practice has evolved to a series often thick and meta, conceptual replies to the invitations they receive.

CMMC performed and presented at IKOB Eupen (2022), Berlin Art Week (2021), Publiek Park Ghent (2021), KIOSK Ghent (2021), MHKA Lodgers Antwerp (2020), Museum M Leuven (2019), Trampoline gallery (/’haɪə en (nʊ)/, 2018), invited by Castlefield Gallery (Manchester, Performance Program, 2017), at off-fairs Poppositions (Brussels, 2015 & 2016), P/ART (Hamburg, 2015), Wo Meine Sonne Scheint (Rotterdam, 2014).

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Her writing — from fiction to writings on art — has been published online and in magazines: Conceptual Fine Arts, Arts of The Working Class, VICE, H ART magazine, O Fluxo, Art Viewer, Statorec US, Echo Gone Wrong Baltic Art Press, ‘The Yellowpress Periodical’ of St Lucas Antwerp, Tubelight magazine #107, a.o.

'S Deeper', published on — American website for young fiction (2019)

Mouthful, (novella) published by Entr’acte (2021)


Selection of recent texts on art:

Justine Neuberger, ‘Coughing up a strand of angel hair’, for Conceptual Fine Arts

Henrik Potter, ‘Hinge’, for Conceptual Fine Arts

Keto Logua, ‘Double Flowers’, for Conceptual Fine Arts

Touche—Touche, ‘Softalism’ at Everyday Gallery, on O Fluxo

Arvydas Umbrasas, ‘Touch, motorcycle glitter, and Earth-as-an-egg’ at Rupert, on Echo Gone Wrong

Natasja Mabesoone, 'Swoosh', exhibition text

Artistic/curatorial practices she has written about include that of: Hélène Fauquet, Henrik Potter, Justine Neuberger, William Ludwig Lutgens, Natasja Mabesoone, Maika Garnica, Ersan Montag, Touche—Touche, Charles Benjamin, Paul Ferens, Simon Brossard & Julie Villard, Leo Luccioni, Lionel Jadot, Keto Logua, Ben Cain, Jort van der Laan, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Müge Yulmaz, Toon Fibbe, Laura Wiedijk, Arvydas Umbrasas, Sarah Jane Hoffmann, Aljaz Celarc, Tom Poelmans, Nadia Naveau, Michele Matyn, Nick Andrews, Bart Stolle, Karina Beumer, Geoffrey de Beer, Ruth Van Haren Noman, Remi Tamburini, Thomas Caron, Thomas Min, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Eva Donckers, Jeroen Bocken, Margarita Maximova, Stef Van Looveren, Illias Teirlinck, Rein De Wilde, Catherine Lemblé, Eva Donckers, Aurélie Bayad, Alison Yip, Rosie Heinrich, among others.


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