• Performance,
    • CMMC performance duo brings text to life in exhibition context. In synchronic motion, a representation of a representation of life, unfolds itself.
    • CMMC
    • In an attempt to "transcribe" our performances to a more lasting medium, CMMC works with studio photography. Collaborating with a different photographer for every performance, we aim to develop an archive that can reflect the aspect of self-presentation that is so typifying for our discipline. As we work with choreography and poses, many of the shoots reflect these. We do experiment with other forms of (autonomous) documentation and works in the form of printed matter and video.
    • Beautifuel

      Beautifuel is a 12 hour long performance, consisting of 12 different everyday activities that served as a starting point for text/image compilations, working with sound and video fragments, spoken word, actions and choreography. Sources varied from Rihanna to David Lang, Mary Poppins to philosophy. We ate, slept, danced, wept, … every hour the art fair was open. At P/ART Producers Art Fair, Hamburg, 2015

      Image by David Reimann
    • They Have To Learn To Fight Those Sticks Without Hurt Each Other

      The medium of a chatbox — stemming back form earlier days in which "ASL" was a common thing and randomness increasingly found its way in the spheres of the net,— documented the communication between CM and MC. Chatting through a set of restrictions (both grammar as vocabulary-wise), other references and technological linguistic oddities entered the discussion.

      Durational performance, one week, text and chat, September 2016 for CuratedbyWeekly
    • CMMC interviewed by This Surrounding Us All

      "Their work offers a glimpse into their interconnected minds by designing performances incorporating poses, movements, and text. CMMC creates moments of controlled synchronized randomness that translate a great sensibility for life and reflects upon knowledge. Like their minds this interview will become an interactive cobweb." Text by Nour-Lise Valette. Interview and video by This Surrounding Us All, May 2016

      Image by Sanne Delcroix
    • The Marriage of Will & Would

      Endless ceremony of a linguistic marriage. At POPPOSITIONS Off-Fair, Brussels, 2016

      Image by Dries Segers
    • The Geology of Thought

      “The Geology of Thought” draws parallels between the functioning of a human brain and the rock cycle. Sedimentation, crystallization and how thoughts nest in the cerebral. “Your brain, rock solid rock pile compilation whole.” At WARP Contemporary Art Platform in Sint-Niklaas, 2014 and MAGMACROWDED, Antwerp, 2014

      Image by Fabian Battistella
    • The Things Take Time

      “These things take time”, a new performance by CMMC is an engagement with the very beginning of things. A Bing Bang Boom, followed by wanderings about the origin of the origin, come to life in exercises of increasing intensity. Sequences of counting from one to ten cumulate data on duration. At These Things Take Time, Gent, 2016
    • Turpentine Terrarium

      On whether my red looks like yours. Fingerpicked words on the color circle and the phenomenon of looking. Inspired by the painting show, CMMC made a performance about perception, art history and the humor of it. Performance at the finissage of “We will never surrender”, a show about painting curated by Tom Poelmans. At The Bries Space Gallery, Antwerp, 2015

      Image by Gökay Çatak
    • Scientia Potentia Est

      Two fencers beat the reality out of working pressure, appropriating its "strong" language, and pushing boundaries of physical exhaus-tion and dominant attitudes.
      At Broeltoren Kortrijk, 2015 and Poppositions Brussels, 2015

      Image by Eline Ros
    • Lecture

      Books used for improvised reading; – John Berger, Ways of Seeing – L.J.F Wijsenbeek – J.J.P. Oud, Mondriaan – Art Writing the Whitechapel Gallery, Idioglossia an art writing glossary – Armand Spitz & Frank Gaynor, Dictionary of Astronomy and Astronautics – Time Life Series, Sovjet-Unie. Action: Céline cut Myrthe’s hair, while Myrthe read “Form and Color”, by Mondriaan. At RAAM Kortrijk, 2014

      Image by Gökay Çatak
    • Les Nageuses

      This performance is about a hole in your chest, a missing piece of something (undefinable yet important). It is a hunger, (def.) a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack, coupled by desire.
      “So not to make it full but not to make it seem empty.”
      At BORG Biennale Antwerp, 2014

    CMMC is the performance duo of Céline Mathieu and Myrthe Van der Mark.